Who We Are

United Community Development Center (UCDC) is a community organization. It encourages youth and recoognizes their achievements. It promotes their activities. It encourages them to be active in the service of the community. It awards scholarships to the students going to college for education, engineering, journalism, pharmacy, medicine and law.

UCDC Vision

Our aim is to provide opportunities for youth to make them more competitive in the 21st century; to provide parents with information to become better parents; to provide services for senior citizens, and to assist Muslims in Bergen County and surrounding areas to fulfill their social, economic and educational needs so as to enhance their quality of life.

UCDC Members

Mohammad Imran Dr. Rafat Ahmed
Shaukat Abdullah Mohammad Ali Makandar
Farzana Hasan Dr. Sikandar Al
Rubina Nikhat Hasan Syed Abdul Hasan Fiaz

  • Recognition of Talent
  • Scholarships, Awards & Grants
  • Opportunities for Public Speaking
Senior Citizen Services
  • Periodic Lectures
  • Senior Citizens Get-Together
  • Laying the Foundation for Sr. Citizen Housing
Foster Care Awareness
  • Facilitating Foster Homes for Children
  • Creating Foster Care Awareness