The Big Brother Big Sister Program

The Big Brother Big Sister Program is a mentoring program meant to create an Academic partnership between big brothers and big sisters with little brothers and little sisters between the ages of 7-17.

This program is to help guide and facilitate younger children, providing a mentoring relationship for children who need or want a big brother or big sister.

In this program, a big sibling will be matched to a younger sibling according to interests of both parties. They will communicate ( via email, phone conversions ,or meeting in person) a few times a month as needed. The big siblings can help their younger counterparts with choosing classes, giving advice on schoolwork, writing resumes, sharing ideas about summer jobs/internship, and applying to colleges.

They will also be on hand to discuss any school issues, help kids deal with peer pressure, and above all, give them some of the confidence they will need in future for academic acceleration Younger siblings will gain immensely from the knowledge only experience can bestow, provided by older siblings. And Big Brothers and Sisters will be able to make a positive contribution to the lives of their little siblings.

Be a mentor, be a friend, be a role model, make a difference.

To apply to the UCDC Big Brother Big Sister Program, contact Ghazala Arshad M.D. at (201)-784-8396
or Email

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