Foster Care Awareness


Open your heart and home to a child in need.


“Through the eyes of a child”. It is imperative to emphasize the deep rooted feelings of longing and insecurity the children live with on a daily basis.

Parenthood is the most sacred and rewarding role a person can have in life. There are multiple opportunities to be a foster parent and provide foster care for children in need of safe, loving and stable home.

These are many wonderful children whose chance of being adopted are hindered either because they are not legally free for adoption or because of problems from the traumatized background. These children are in need of love just as much as any other kids.

During the time that these children live in a foster home, foster parents provide the same care that the children’s own parents would provide. Foster parents also help children understand that they will be either returning to their own families or adopted whichever is the case. Foster parenting is a commitment to make a meaningful contribution to a child’s life, although it may not require a lifetime commitment to a child.

As a foster parent you will experience the joy of parenting even if it is temporary. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a positive difference in the life of a child.

Requirements are not complicated.

DYFS (Division of youth and family services) and CFS (Children and Family Services) will help you through the steps to become a foster parent and provide the training to help you understand the special needs your foster child may need.

While a foster child is in your home DYFS or CFS provides support to assist in their care.
Frequently asked questions:

  1.  You must be an adult.
  2. You must provide a safe environment for a child.
  3. You will receive training.
  4. Your entire household must be involved.
  5. You can make a commitment to a child who needs help.
  6. You can work as part of a team.
  7. Call 1-877-NJ-Foster to learn more.

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