Senior Citizens Services

UCDC Seniors was established to involve the senior members of the North Jersey Muslim community in different activities so they can spend some time together, get valuable information, and share their own ideas and concerns.

Keeping in mind the cultural background of our seniors the organizers of these meetings create diverse activities to keep them involved. There have been many interesting discussions, lead by physicians, poets, businessmen, professionals, social workers, and government officials. Participants are invited to freely participate, give their input, and exchange valuable ideas.

The meetings are held on the last Sunday of each month after Zuhar prayers. Food is served during these meetings which the members enjoy as well.

Dr. Qutab Nadaf is the secretary who keeps a record of all the activities, including a list of the members and contact the members individually before the meetings. Dr. Farooq Habib offers his valuable time in preparation for these meetings and UCDC highly recognizes his services.

In future day trips are planned for the summer for the members.

Other Muslim communities in other regions of the country will be contacted to arrange for exchange trips and sharing of time and ideas. We encourage everyone to actively participate in these meetings and share their time, ideas, and concerns.

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Senior Citizen Services
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